How much does a Car Towing Service cost in Sydney

Posted on 08th, May 19

Are we wedded to our cars? This is what the data from research group McRindle Australia suggests. In their report, titled,  Driving Australia towards 2020, the writers reveal the 25 million of us who make up Australia, own 19 million cars at present.

What’s more, despite services like Uber –  car ownership and car sales are going up, not down.

Towing Sydney

Reliable Car Towing Service in Sydney?

What’s part and parcel of car ownership is car breakdowns

When your car breaks down, what you want is a Reliable Towing Service you can count on to get you back on the road again – with speed.

With reliability, what you also want from your Towing Service is affordability

How much should you pay for a Towing Service from let’s say, Bexley to Glebe? Or Brighton-le-Sands to Kogarah? It’s a key question on most of our clients minds. So, what we’ve done at Southside Towing Sydney is put together a Menu of Costs you can expect to be charged by the Towing Service you hire to tow your car, should it breakdown.


How Towing Companies charge their customers in Sydney

Towing Companies charge their customers on the basis of a ‘flat fee’ for the first 10 kilometres of the ride. This fee is usually $95 plus GST.

If your tow exceeds 10 kilometres, your Towing Service will charge you at the rate of $9.50 per kilometre.

You can work out how much your tow will cost you using a Distance Calculator  

  1. Go to Distance Calculator Australia and enter your location plus the location you wish your car to be towed to
  2. You will see a map like the one shown in the diagram below
  3. The driving distance, as you can see, is 20.03 kilometres
  4. So, your Tow will cost you $95 for the first 10 kilometres, after that, you will be charged $5.5 X 10.03 = $56.65. The total cost of your tow will be $95 + $56.65  = $151.65 plus GST

That’s how it works.

Do you need to tow your car somewhere?

Why not go with a company that doesn’t ‘bullshit’ for a living. That company is Southside Towing Sydney. What we’ve built our business on (we’ve been in the Towing Business for 10 years now), is hard work, knowledge, honesty, integrity and transparency.  

We are clear about costs and the value we deliver for them.

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