Is Tilt Tray Towing in Sydney The Best Choice for My Luxury Car?

With expensive price tags, and a much nicer class on the road, when a luxury car breaks down, it is understandable that the owner doesn’t want to risk damage to their vehicle when having it towed.That leaves many luxury car owners asking if tilt tray towing is the best choice in towing for their luxury car. Southside Towing offers Tilt Tray Towing Sydney and the following information.

Is Tilt Tray Towing the Best Choice in Towing for My Luxury Car in Sydney?

There are different types of tow trucks, including the old design of tow trucks where the car is lifted in the air with its rear wheels remaining on the ground as the car is towed behind the tow truck. While the towing serves its purpose, it is a design in towing that leaves the car vulnerable. There are also multi-car carriers, which are a safe means of towing as the car is entirely lifted off the ground, but unless moving a fleet of luxury cars, it isn’t likely that you need a multi-carrier. With the design of tilt trays the luxury car is at the least risk as, like the multi-car carriers, the car is entirely lifted off of the ground when being transported.

Advantages of Tilt Tray Towing Sydney

Tilt tray towing provides a safe tow for luxury cars. The towing is a little more expensive than the standard tow truck where the car is lifted behind the tow truck and transported with the front end in the air and rear wheels on the ground. This towing leaves a car vulnerable to rocks and mishaps, while the tilt tray is considered a luxury tow, making it ideal for luxury cars. The tilt tray is operated with hydraulics that lower the tray that sits on the back of the truck, and the car is driven, or pulled up by a wrench. Once on the tray, the car is secured and can be secured with soft straps to ensure no damage occurs to the paint of the car.

Southside Towing Sydney provides Sydney luxury car owners with Tilt Tray Towing Sydney services. We are a leader in the towing industry, offering affordable rates without dismissing the quality of the tow. For more information on our towing services Sydney, or to obtain an upfront quote for your tow, please contact us at the number below.

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Having an Engine Damaged Car Towed in Sydney

It happens. Cars break down, more often than not at the worst times. When you are stranded on the side of the road due to a breakdown, a towing company is a solution for safety and for the repairs or engine damaged car towing service you require. Southside Towing is a Sydney towing & roadside assistance company that offers the following information.

You’re Stranded on The Side of The Road – A Towing Company Is an Option

You may choose to get out of the car and walk to the nearest exit, but that could mean jeopardising your safety. As a rule of thumb, the safest option car owners have for a situation like this is to contact a towing company. Southside Towing responds quickly to car owners that find themselves in a breakdown situation. When we are your choice in a towing company you can expect:

  • Fast Response Time – Our crew of technicians works 24 hours a day, offering Sydney car owners the assistance of towing & roadside assistance services.
  • Expertise – Our technicians are certified and experienced and adhere to the strictest safety rules and regulations. When they are called to a roadside emergency, they handle the situation adhering to the strictest safety standards.
  • Affordability – We have years of experience in engine damaged car towing, and pass our expertise to our customers, offering quality services at affordable rates.

Your Engine Damaged Car Towing Company That Responds Fast

We are a friend to many car owners in Sydney, providing the services they require when they find themselves in an emergency roadside situation. Our technicians respond quickly. When the engine has failed, they will first try to get the engine back up and running as each is a certified mechanic that has the skills and tools to properly repair engines. If they are unable to get the engine running, they will tow the engine damaged car to the destination of the owner’s wishes.

Get A Quote

To obtain an upfront quote for your emergency, please contact us at the number below. All quotes are upfront quotes with no obligation to accept and come with a guarantee that we will not increase the price we quoted once our services are completed. Online quotes can be obtained by visiting our homepage to complete our “Get a Quote” form. When you have a roadside emergency in Sydney, be sure to contact Southside Towing for prompt service at competitive prices.

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