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A Towing Service in St. George you can Trust

Trust is not easy to come by these days. But one Towing Service in St George is committed to earning and delivering it. This Towing Service is Southside Towing. If an Emergency Towing Service you can Trust is important to you, then Southside Towing is a name you can’t go past.

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Towing St George

People choose Southside Towing St George because of what our business is:

  • Competent
  • Friendly
  • Good
  • Nice
  • Efficient
  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • Affordable – the average price of a Tow with us is just $100
  • Safe

Has your car, van or SUV broken down in St George?

If the answer is yes, please call us. All our drivers are professional Tow Truck Drivers who are licensed by the RTA. Each holds a valid Tow Truck Driver Certificate issued by the Department of Fair Trade, New South Wales.

We’re always just a Stone’s Tow away

At Southside Towing, we know what our customers want. Their Towing Service to arrive faster than the next Android update.
So, we station our Tow Trucks in different suburbs in Sydney’s South. This allows us to get a truck to you when you have an accident or breakdown in St. George within 31 minutes or less.

Our Tow Truck Drivers don’t just Tow Trucks

They can fix minor mechanical issues as well to get you back on the road again. If you’re out of petrol, we can lend you some to get you to the next petrol station yourself. Or we can tow you to it, if you prefer.

We give our customers choices because we know they like them

You can choose from many different types of Tow Trucks Sydney we have at Southside Towing. Standard Towing Vehicles or Flatbed Tow Trucks. These allow us to lift your entire vehicle off the road, so the wheels don’t touch it. This keeps your vehicle safe. Preventing further damage to it.

To us, at Southside, Towing is fun – more than it is a job

We enjoy helping people get their vehicles to safety. It gives us a rush to be quite honest, which is why we do it. To date, we have towed more than 3000 vehicles in Sydney’s South and surrounding suburbs.

St George Towing: what makes us different?

  • 24 hours service
  • 7 days a week
  • Reliability and speed
  • Towing Insurance – should you require
  • Competitive rates – the best in the industry
  • Prestige and economy cars towed
  • Limited access towing
  • The delivery that´s door to door
  • Customer service that´s exceptional
  • The satisfaction that´s guaranteed
  • Colletion and delivery of the car to any destination of choice
  • Trade and private cars catered to
  • Committed to our clients and their satisfaction

Need an Emergency Tow in the Liverpool area?

Give us a call for a FREE Quote. Our teams can be contacted on 0488 869 464. Alternately, email us using the Enquiry Form provided.

Southside Towing is your complete Towing solutions in SYDNEY, INNER WEST and EASTERN SUBURBS. Some of the suburbs we service:

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