Why should you always avoid driving on a flat tyre?

Posted on 12th, Aug 21

Imagine you’re taking a trip with friends, and you get a flat tyre on the road, in the middle of nowhere. The whole happy moment can turn into a scary experience. But what you do after the tyre loses air pressure is very important. Here, we’ll explain why driving on a flat tyre should be avoided entirely, and you must give a call to an emergency Towing Service In Sydney.

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A puncture is more difficult to prevent than a flat tyre that loses air pressure. Any of those can happen on a seemingly straightforward stretch of the road. When the tyre gets flat for whatever reason, you must avoid driving the car.

You must pull over immediately and call a Tow Truck Sydney service. Instead of waiting for towing service or taking some time to install the spare tyre, most of us try to limp the cars to a nearby service center. This is not the correct way to handle the situation.

A Flat Tyre Doesn’t Always Mean a Replacement.

This may sound a bit unsettling, but it is true. A flat tyre occurs mainly because of a puncture, and the reason behind that is usually small nails and screws. According to the industry guidelines, you are allowed to get a repair of punctures up to 1/4 in diameter in the tyre’s tread area. This means a replacement is not always required unless it’s severe damage.

What to Do When You Have a Puncture?

When the situation mentioned above happens, we suggest you not panic and STOP DRIVING immediately. If you have a spare tyre, take time to install it or call a Tow Truck service to a local tyre shop. This might cause you minor inconvenience and cost some amount, but it is worth it in the long run. You can cause massive damage to your auto if you continue to drive.

How to Avoid a Puncture

Here are some tips and advice which highlights the essential factors of tyre care:

  • Choose a proper tyre size, its type, and load capacity (or load range)
  • Check inflation pressure
  • Ensure the right amount of vehicle loading
  • Regular tyre rotation
  • Get proper tire repair
  • Regular inspection
  • Check vehicle condition, alignment, and maintenance
  • Follow good driving habits

Got A Flat Tyre? Contact Us For Emergency Towing

If you commute too far distances often, ensure to check your tyres regularly. Although facing a flat tyre issue is not in anyone’s hands, if and when you face that, call a Towing Service in Sydney as it’s a bad idea to keep driving. The emergency services of Southside Towing can come in handy. So, give a call on 0488 869 464

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