Does My Insurance Cover Towing?

Posted on 23th, Aug 19

If you are in the unfortunate event of needing to have your vehicle towed, it is important to understand
your rights and responsibilities. Luckily for Sydney residents, there is Southside Towing who provide
24×7 reliable Emergency Car Towing, Tow Truck & Tilt Tray Towing Services at affordable rates. But a question
that will surely come up in the event of a breakdown or accident is ‘Does My Insurance Cover Towing?’
In the following, Southside Towing Sydney will make things clearer car owners.
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It Depends on Your Car Insurance Policy

The short answer of whether your Car Insurance covers Car Towing depends on the policy you choose.
Typically, if you want your insurance to cover towing, you’ll want a Comprehensive Policy. If you don’t
hold Comprehensive Car Insurance, any towing charges incurred may not be covered and you’ll likely
need to arrange for the salvage and repair of your car yourself.


Tow Insurance

Types of Car Insurance

 Comprehensive Car Insurance – This insurance covers damage to your own vehicles as well as
other people’s property and can include theft and even legal costs. This can cover Towing Fees
and they may even help arrange your Tow Truck.
 Compulsory Third Party (CTP)/Mandatory Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injuries Insurance
As the name implies, this type of insurance is mandatory in every state and territory in Australia.
It protects any person that may be injured while you are driving. This may not cover Towing
 Third Party Property Insurance – Covers damage to other people’s property and includes legal
costs. However, this does not include damage to your own vehicle and so may not cover Towing
 Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance – similar to Third Party Property Insurance but with some
extra features specific to fire and theft. This may not cover Towing Fees.

Read the Terms & Conditions

It is important for anyone who has Car Insurance to know ahead of time what their Insurance will cover
– whether fully or partially – in the event of a breakdown or an accident. There may be specific factors at
play including who is at fault, where your vehicle is located and the distance your vehicle will be towed
for. Car Insurance may only cover a certain distance for towing your vehicle and then start charging you.
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