Peakhurst Towing NSW 2210 – Your Local Emergency Tow Truck Near You

Southside Towing Peakhurst. We are your local towing company. Southside Towing is based in Peakhurst, and therefore specialises in towing services for areas around Peakhurst and the St George area.

We are always on the road in the local neighbourhood, and because of this, we can quickly and easily arrange for a towing or tilt tray pickup for your vehicle. Whether it be a car breakdown, machinery transport request, or the unfortunate event of a car accident, we guarantee because we are in the area, no one will be faster or more professional.

Towing Peakhurst

What Areas Around Peakhurst Do We Provide Towing Services for?

All of them. We have a strong fleet of tow trucks in Sydney and tilt tray trucks, and whichever suburb you are in, you can be fairly certain one of our professional and courteous drivers is not too far away. Some of the areas include:

We also are happy to drive inward to the lovely Sydney City, as we have direct access from our location to get there fast.

Should we call or email to get a prompt response for a towing Peakhurst Service?

Either method of contact will get you a prompt response from one of our staff members. We do however recommend that if you require emergency towing, then contact us directly by phone on 0488 869 464 for the fastest, most immediate response. In a case where you need access to a towing service as fast as possible, our phone is always ready – phone calls definitely travel faster than emails!

Do you accept credit cards? We didn’t plan this and do not have cash at the moment.

Yes, we do. Southside Towing accepts all major credit cards, to make sure in the unfortunate event you are caught unawares with a breakdown or accident, you have one less thing to worry about.

How can I find out more?

Feel free to call us anytime with any enquiries you might have on 0488 869 464

Southside Towing is your complete Towing solutions in SYDNEY, INNER WEST and EASTERN SUBURBS. Some of the suburbs we service:

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