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We have been in the business of towing cars, trucks and containers for over a decade. Our vast experience has made us one of the most reliable and trusted Towing Company in Liverpool. We can handle any Emergency as well as any scale of job. So, call us today for a pleasant experience with Sydney’s finest Service. 

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Prompt Service

When you’re looking for an Emergency Towing Service in Liverpool, we are, without a doubt, your best choice. We offer fast and prompt service. Our response time is one of the best in Sydney, so you can rest assured we will be with you at the earliest to help you out during your towing emergency. When you give us a call, we will let you know how long it will take us to reach you, so you can be prepared for our arrival. 

Best Pricing

One of the main reasons many of our clients keep coming back to us is because we offer the best rates in the industry. Whether you need Emergency Towing service or have a fleet of vehicles or machinery that needs to be towed, we simply can’t be beaten on price. You get top class service at very affordable rates when you choose Southside Towing. We will provide you with an upfront quote with no hidden costs so you know exactly how much the tow will cost you. 

Licensed and Insured

We are a licensed and insured Towing Service Provider in Liverpool. So, with us, customers get peace of mind knowing that they have an efficient and accredited Company handling their vehicle. All of our drivers and tow truck operators are highly experienced and have all the necessary certification. We take your safety, our safety as well as the safety of the motorists and pedestrians on the road very seriously. 

Professional and Friendly Team

We have a team of professional and friendly Tow truck operators who are capable of handling any job, no matter how big or small, without a hitch. Our goal is to offer a quick and hassle-free Towing Service for our residents. 

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

We’ll ease your worry about payments as we accept all major credit cards. So, your payment is made easy with us. 

Towing Services We Offer in Liverpool

We offer a wide array of services in Liverpool including: 

What happens during a car towing?

In car towing, a vehicle is pulled behind another vehicle using different types of towing. 

The towing variation depends on the weight of what needs to be pulled, why it needs to be towed, and how fast it needs to be removed from a specific location.  

To clarify, towing is not just about transporting land vehicles. It can also transport heavy machinery and, at times, water vehicles. 

Different types of towing

Companies use different types of towing due to the variations of vehicles or machinery for transporting. 

Listed below are different types of towing:

  • Tilt tray or recovery towing uses a flatbed or a tow ring, making two wheels off the road to haul a broken or wrecked car. 
  • Trailer towing is when an SUV or truck pulls a trailer behind. This towing requires a hitch for the automobile.
  • Flat or dinghy towing is where an RV or a mobile home pulls a smaller vehicle. 
  • 5th wheel towing is a heavy-duty type of towing. The head of a trailer is attached to the bed of a truck. 
  • Pintle towing is using a vehicle for towing a trailer. This towing is usually used in commercial, military, or farming. Pintle towing can tow flatbeds, machinery, and other heavy equipment.
  • Off-road towing is when off-road vehicles pull one another when they are stuck in a spot using towing accessories 
  • Lawnmowers and ATV towing are usually for towing smaller vehicles or lighter objects. 

Towing is about a vehicle being able to pull a trailer or another car behind. This is all achieved using either a heavy-duty tow hitch or other special equipment.   

Why do vehicles get towed? 

There are so many reasons why cars get towed. It can be due to an engine malfunction, unpleasant accident, total wreck, illegally parked, abandoned, or impounded. 

Sometimes, if you own worn-out cars, you experience overheating, running out of gas, or having a dead battery. These vehicles are often not road worthy anymore, and the only choice left is to call for a towing service.  


Where are towed vehicles usually brought?

There are several answers to this question. First, suppose your car is towed and impounded by the local government. In that case, it is best to get to know the location of the vehicle through the local police or you can go online to look for the site for impounded vehicles.

If you have called a private company for specific reasons, you will most likely dictate the location of where you want to have your vehicle towed. There are also instances where private towing companies will bring their towed vehicles to their storage facility. 

in our case, at Southside, once your vehicle is purchased by us, we send it directly to our partner junk car buyers that are licensed and adhere to eco-friendly practices. When your car has minor damage, some of our customers would only do minimal repairs and reuse it. 

How do you know if the towing company is trustworthy, honest, and professional?

You need to validate the company’s credibility all the time before having transactions. Doing this will help you determine if the company is trustworthy. 

Always ask the local towing company for their licenses, registration, years of existence, service promptness, client reviews, and payment type to check for credibility. 

A trusted towing company like Southside Towing in Liverpool, Sydney 2170, is available 24/7 or 365 days a year. This means that they are reachable all the time. A company that offers this kind of service will be on your side during emergencies.  

Can I still sell my car when there are missing parts?

Yes. If the missing parts are only dispensable mechanical components, we will still purchase the vehicle. 

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