How Do You Transport Heavy Equipment and Machinery in Sydney?

Posted on 26th, Jun 19

Relocating a factory is never easy – or fun.

Particularly when the machines to be transported weigh over a ton and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery Transport in Sydney

Besides cars, and trucks, Southside Towing also offers Towing for Heavy Equipment and Machinery, Bobcats, Excavators and Building Construction Equipment to and from various locations in Sydney.

Heavy Equipment

What makes us a Heavy Equipment and Machinery Transport Company you can trust?

To be honest – it’s the secret ingredient we put into our business – we call it CARE.

What 10 years driving pick-up and tilt-tray truckstowing cars and trucks from one destination to another in Sydney have taught us is  – “if you don’t care about a job – you may as well not do it”.

So, the one thing we do, and make sure all our staff do as well, is put CARE – with a Capital C into your business – treating it, the same way we would, our own.

A Heavy Equipment and Machinery Transport Company that’s always on call

As an established Heavy Equipment and Machinery Transport Company, we are aware, as a management team at Southside Towing, that we must be available whenever our clients need us to be.

This has led us to invest in a 24-hour Call Centre Operation that issues continuous and ongoing updates to our drivers who are on the road – day and night serving the ones they love – their customers.

To make our drivers lives easier, we manage all communication with our clients from a Single Command Console command console (our HQ) in which our senior-most Transport and Logistics Officers sit. Also, you can check our tips for transporting your heavy-duty machinery.

What happens when things don’t go according to plan?

What happens when there’s a delay in the opening of your new factory premises, or when there’s a break down (rare as it is) with one of our trucks?

We send reinforcements to rescue the situation, immediately, so you are not inconvenienced as a client in any way.

Should your factory premises not be ready, we will arrange a truck detour- or even warehousing facilities for your goods in emergencies.

Southside Towing transports more than cars, vans and trucks

We also tow Heavy Equipment and Machinery for Factories and the Property and Construction Sector. If a safe towing or transportation company is what you seek, please get in touch with us. You may reach us with your enquiries on 0488 869 464. Do you want to know how much does it cost to tow a car a long distance? Call us now.

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