Car Accidents On Sydney Roads

Posted on 20th, May 14
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Let’s face it, our beautiful city of Sydney has a dark side – jammed pack roads with bumper to bumper traffic, multiple daily accidents, and overall a completely frustrating driving experience during peak hours in the week.

Sydney roads can be a dangerous place if the right precautions are not taken, and there are many various factors that can lead to an unfortunate event of a car accident. Some of the biggest offenders are listed below – a handy list to keep in mind whenever you or a loved one jump behind a wheel for a big day out on Sydney roads.

Rethink Your Drink

No surprises here. Drink driving is always a bad idea, no matter how you look at it. Unfortunately, drink driving is still a large contributor to car accidents in Sydney, and lives are not only changed but sometimes ended due to bad decisions being made after a night out.

Alcohol is known to reduce reaction time and have a severe impact on your reflexes, aside from all the emotional unknowns it can inject into someone’s train of thought. Heavy drinking can also affect vision and other senses, which when driving at night (when most people tend to engage in heavier drinking activities), can cause some serious risks to themselves and others on the roads.

Speed Kills

One of the other major offenders is speeding – you’ve seen the commercials and advertising campaigns for this, it’s everywhere, yet people still engage in speeding and dangerous driving all the time.

Even what people consider ‘safe’ speeding can be harmful and fatal – take it from us at Southside Towing – and should never under any circumstances be acceptable.

Even with increased awareness and speeding laws, speeding is still a serious problem. Being 1 or 2 minutes earlier is not worth the gamble of your life, or anothers life.

Stop. Revive. Survive.

Fatigue and sleep deprivation is a nasty culprit and takes a sizeable chunk of the blame for car accidents yearly on Sydney’s’ roads.

Refusing to stop and rest for even a short moment during lengthy trips can often lead to disastrous consequences, with the driver suffering from microsleeps. Microsleeps have proven time and time again to be deadly and can be avoided with just a short break. Better to arrive 20 minutes later than not arrive at all.

How About This Weather?

There come times when Sydney cops some really incredible weather, and let’s be honest, at the best of times our peak hour traffic is nothing to write home about.

Sydney’s weather throws in some dangerous variables which can create hazardous conditions to drive in. It’s always the smarter idea to slow down in bad weather, take your time, and if possible, avoid any driving until the weather slows down. When it rains in Sydney, Southside Towing’s tow trucks and tilt trays suddenly become VERY busy.

In Conclusion

When it comes to Sydney roads and avoiding accidents and having to actually contact a Tow Truck Service, nothing beats common sense. Use your better judgment, stay safe, take the necessary precautions and enjoy our beautiful city!

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency

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