Car Towing Company Sydney

With Southside Towing Sydney, you have Car Towing professionals providing the expertise of over 10 years of experience in the towing industry. We are a team of qualified and accredited towers that quickly secures your breakdown or accident situation, concentrating on safety first, and then providing efficient towing. Call 0488 869 464

We cover:

  • Accident Towing
  • Courier Transport
  • Car Breakdowns
  • Tilt Tray Towing
  • Multi-Carrier Towing

Our services extend throughout the Sydney metro area and are quality towing services with a rapid response.

Car Towing Company Sydney

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We Tow 24/7 & in Emergency Sydney wide

Your breakdown, accident towing, or emergency towing situation is much easier with Southside Towing Sydney to handle your needs: we work well with all major insurers to ensure claims are easily approved and processed. We tow all types of motor vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Buses
  • Minivans and Campers
  • Heavy Machinery
  • 24 Hour Emergency Towing Services
  • Off-Road Recovery
  • Light and Medium Towing
  • Collision and More
  • Reliable Towing Sydney, Low Costs

Over 10 years of experience is not our only asset to provide to our customers. Our fleet of tow trucks and tilt tray trucks are fully equipped with state of the art technology for the safest, most reliable towing. Combine our years of experience, trucks, and fully qualified operators, you have the assurance that your situation will be handled with the best of care. We provide reliable towing that does not break the bank as we are the affordable towing company in Sydney that provides first-rate towing services at affordable towing rates. Call 0488 869 464

Fleet of Tow Trucks to Handle Any Type of Towing Need at Any Time

With a full fleet of tow trucks and tilt tray tow trucks and qualified towers along with 24-hour emergency towing services, you have a towing company that is there for you when you need it. We provide fast and efficient towing services 24 hours a day, regardless of the towing type. You may have been listening to your favourite song, and within minutes the situation changes to a life-threatening situation with a breakdown or accident at the busiest time of the day. Southside Towing is your towing provider that gets to you quickly to secure the scene for a safe situation and provides efficient towing services to get you safely to your new destination.

Suppose your towing need is to pick up an accident car that you’ve bought for spare parts, or you need to take your luxury car to the dealer for repairs. Your car may have been involved in an accident, or it has broken down on the side of the road. With 24-hour emergency towing we ensure a rapid response time regardless of the towing need. With Southside Towing Sydney, we have your situation handled quickly.


“Southside was fast & affordable. I would be surprised if there’s a better towing company in town. The service Southside Towing provided was second to none. Their driver was fast to respond and quickly secured my situation, taking all safety precautions and quickly loading up the car. The trip to the repair shop was pleasant with a real conversation along the way. My experience and impression of Southside Towing is one that is the best. The company is a true professional and one that I’ll be using again.”

- Danny

For the rapid response of a tow truck operator, a quote for your Car Towing need, or for more information, contact Southside Towing Sydney at the number below.

Car Towing Company Sydney

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don’t hesitate to contact us on 0488 869 464.