Who Should You Call When You Need Roadside Assistance in Sydney?

Posted on 18th, May 18
Roadside Assistance Sydney

Roadside emergencies can be extremely stressful. Whether it’s something as simple as a flat tyre or something graver, like an accident, finding yourself stranded by the roadside can be scary and frustrating. With Southside Towing we know the urgency of Roadside Assistance services for car owners that have been involved in an accident. We have a full fleet of tow trucks, including tilt trays, and respond quickly to all emergency towing needs.

Accident Towing Sydney

Accidents happen, so don’t beat yourself up over it. If there are injuries, your first call needs to be to 911 for quick medical assistance. If there are no injuries, your first call should be to a respected towing company like Southside Towing. We have emergency tow trucks and operators standing by for a quick response to emergency calls.

If there is damage to the car, tilt tray towing is recommended. Depending on the damage, tilt tray towing may be the only acceptable towing. When cars have been damaged in an accident towing them by any other means than tilt tray towing can result in further damage to the car. The traditional way of towing vehicles was to lift the front end up, attaching it to a lift in the rear of the tow truck, and towing it with its back two wheels on the ground. Imagine a car that has been badly damaged; one bump could cause the fender that is barely hanging on to pull loose. Just as any other part of the car. It can be dangerous.

Roadside Assistance

Southside Towing takes all the precautions when towing accident vehicles. We use tilt tray tow trucks. We also only dispatch the most qualified technicians that are certified and experienced in accident towing. The strictest safety policies must be followed as car owners need the scene immediately secured. Our technicians are those technicians. We adhere to the strictest safety standards and provide quality towing services.

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We are a legitimate towing company in Sydney, offering upfront quotes over the phone or online. With us, you receive a quote for your service, and it is your final bill. We are your trusted towing company in Sydney that does provide value for money.

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To obtain an upfront quote for your towing or roadside assistance needs, please contact us at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage and completing our online quote form.

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