Recent Tow Truck Adventures In Sydney


The great thing about being on the road in a tow truck in beautiful Sydney every day is that no 2 days are the same. Here are some recent snaps of some of some of the recent tows we have done.


Being revheads at heart, we were pretty excited to pick up the awesome Shelby, and jumped at the chance when we were contacted for our special and prestige vehicle towing services. Our professionals got her onto the tilt tray safely and with care, and off we went! We had to take some snapshots though, as its a beautiful ride.

You can see some mammoth machinery on the back of our tilt tray as well. That day we towed 4 19 ft scissors and a 34 footer – massive machines. Our tilt trays and tow truck operators are very experienced with towing large vehicles like this. Another photo shows us picking up a bobcat and a bunch of skip bins for transpport – All in a days work!

Need your special vehicle or heavy machinery towed in sydney? Give us a call on 0488869464 today for a quote or contact us online here.

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