Recent Adventures when Tow Truck in Sydney

Posted on 16th, Jun 14
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The great thing about being on the road in a tow truck in beautiful Sydney every day is that no 2 days are the same. Here are some recent snaps of some of some of the recent tows we have done.

Being revheads at heart, we were pretty excited to pick up the awesome Shelby, and jumped at the chance when we were contacted for our special and prestige vehicle towing services. Our professionals got her onto the tilt tray safely and with care, and off we went! We had to take some snapshots though, as its a beautiful ride.

You can see some mammoth machinery on the back of our tilt tray as well. That day we towed 4 19 ft scissors and a 34 footer – massive machines. Our tilt trays and tow truck operators are very experienced with towing large vehicles like this. Another photo shows us picking up a bobcat and a bunch of skip bins for transport – All in a days work!

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Our Tilt Tray Towing services in Sydney

Many car owners question whether tilt tray towing is the right towing service for them. Some have heard of tilt tray towing and wonder what it is. There is a difference in tilt tray towing. Southside Towing Sydney offers the following information on tilt tray towing so that you can decide for yourself if it is the right towing for you and your car.

Towing a Car Sydney

Firstly, tilt tray towing is considered the best type of towing available. The towing is not the standard towing that we so often saw in days gone by where the front end of the car was suspended in the air behind the tow truck with its back end on the ground with its wheels travelling with the truck. This towing is no longer the preferred way to tow a vehicle as tilt tray towing is a much safer tow for a vehicle; especially those that have been involved in an accident or are prestige or luxury cars, or merely cherished cars that owners don’t want harm to come to when being towed.

Tilt Tray Towing Benefits

Tilt tray towing is considered the best towing for the simple reason that the car is not being towed with the front end up in the air, and its back wheels on the ground. Consider the situation when a car has been damaged in an auto accident, and this standard type of towing is being used to transport the car from the accident scene. Cars that are damaged could suffer more damage through the towing. The car is vulnerable. Vulnerable to road bumps and dips, obstacles, and flying debris. Just as the show or prestige car. With tilt tray towing, the car is transported entirely off the ground, and road risks are minimal.

With tilt tray towing, the tow truck is designed with a tray on the back of the truck. The truck is equipped with hydraulics, so the tray easily tilts down to ground level for cars to be driven or pulled onto the tray via cable. The truck is one that is advanced in technology, and one that offers a premium tow.

With Southside Towing Sydney, we offer tilt tray towing which is the recommended towing for luxury, prestige, accident and cherished cars and truck. To obtain a quote for your towing needs, please contact us at the number below.

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