Sydney’s Most Trusted Towing Service

Why use us – our average Cost of Tow rarely exceeds $100*
*cost of towing service may vary based on the location you’d like us to tow your car to

If Trust and the affordability with which it is delivered is important to you, then Southside Towing is a name you can’t go past.

With 10 years of experience providing Towing Services to people whose cars have broken down in Sydney, our customers trust us because we are:

• Competent
• Friendly
• Good
• Nice
• Efficient
• Punctual
• Reliable
• Safe to do business with

Have you had a breakdown in the Sydney area?

If your answer is yes, and you need to tow your car to a mechanic or garage, then please give us a call.

Efficient and experienced, we will get you to the nearest mechanic or garage in no time at all – we know them all by name.

If your car’s problem is minor, we could probably fix it ourselves

Our Tow Truck Drivers are not just drivers. They are also motor-mechanics who can fix many minor mechanical problems on the spot.

If you’re out of fuel, for example, we could lend you some. Alternatively, we could tow your vehicle to the nearest CALTEX, Speedway or Coles Express Sydney where you can refuel your tank.

If your battery is flat, we can most definitely give you a Jumpstart – we all need one, every now and then.

Southside Towing prides itself on value – delivering it

It’s one thing to talk about value, it’s totally another thing to deliver it.
At Southside Towing, we deliver value every single day to our customers. Almost all of whom call us if they have a break down a second time.

The value in our business is Service – something we’re never afraid to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide our customers, who we genuinely love, with.

Southside’s Vehicle Towing Services include:

• Car breakdown towing
• Emergency towing
• Tilt tray towing
• Flat-bed towing
• Multi-carrier towing
• Car breakdown towing
• Boat towing

We are RTA Certified

That’s right, as a Towing Service that operates in Sydney’s South, we are Tow Truck Licensed by the RTA (Road and Transport Authorities of New South Wales).

Due to our certification (all our Tow Truck Drivers possess a Driver’s Certificate issued by the Department of Fair Trading), we follow all regulations, procedures and protocols laid out by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading. – meticulously.

Besides being safe, we are also reliable and punctual. Never once taking our clients or their time for granted.

Regular and flat-bed tows – we do them all

The kind of Tow Truck we send out to you depends on the kind of vehicle you own. If it’s a standard vehicle, a standard tow truck will do.

However, if you drive a Prestige Vehicle like a BMW, Porsche, Mercedes or brand-new Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore, then we will likely send you a Flat-bed Tow Truck.

The benefit of a Flat-bed Tow Truck is we can place your entire vehicle on our truck – instead of dragging it by its front wheels to your residence or the nearest garage.
Because the wheels of your vehicle do not touch the road’s surface, the chances of it encountering further damage are very much reduced.

Southside Towing – Sydney’s favourite emergency towing service

Located conveniently in Sydney, Southside Towing remains one of Sydney South’s favourite Towing Services.

Responsive, friendly, polite and efficient, we are quick to arrive on a vehicle accident or breakdown scene. Due to our service, almost all our customers call us a for a Tow should their vehicles break down (God forbid) a second or third time.

Need an Emergency Tow in Sydney?

Give us a call for a FREE Quote. Our teams can be contacted on 0488 869 464. Alternately, email us using the Enquiry Form provided.

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