Safety Driving Tips for Winter in Sydney From Southside Towing

Posted on 16th, May 19

Wintertime brings changes outside of sweater-wearing and having to turn up to the heater.

It also means changes in driving conditions.

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You can rest assured knowing that Southside Towing’s Reliable Car Towing Service Sydney will safely transport your vehicle in case of a breakdown, accident, car issues and more – but there are also some useful things you can do to avoid this.

Like the hot roads of Summer, Winter can affect the road in more ways than one and it is important to know how to deal with these conditions so that you and your loved ones can travel efficiently and most of all safely.

The following are some Safety Driving Tips for Winter from Southside Towing for your benefit.

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Make Sure Your Tyres are Properly Inflated and Have Plenty of Tread

Our quality Car Towing Service often tows vehicles with one particular issue: tyres in poor condition.

Although sometimes it can be hard to notice, a properly inflated tyre with plenty of tread can be the difference between having a car accident or not.

During Winter, the roads tend to be more slippery even when it hasn’t been raining – the moisture in the air as well as residue left over during the night can mean your breaking distance is increased.

The older the tyre, the more it will struggle on wet roads and before you know it your tyres may not be road worthy. It is important to check every few months how roadworthy your tyres are.

After all, Winter or not – having tyres in good condition is always a must.

Slow Down

Of course, it is always a good idea to drive at a careful and reasonable speed – but during Winter it is recommended you drive that little bit more slowly and carefully. Don’t wait until it is too late to see how much your car may slide when having to brake suddenly.

This means:

  • Drive slowly and safely around corners and hazards
  • Keep a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you
  • Brake gradually

In the case that you do have an accident, High Quality Emergency Towing Services like Southside Towing are available 24/7.

Avoid Having to Suddenly Brake or Turn

We’ve mentioned the affects of slippery roads when braking – that you can slide even metres longer than you would on a dry road. But turning suddenly can also lead to dangerous sliding as well as your car brakes locking up.

Even on an empty road this can be extremely dangerous for everyone in and outside of the car.

Be more aware than usual about turn-offs, hazards and cars ahead.

During Winter, Southside Towing has provided Car Towing Sydney services to many cars that have turned too suddenly and have lost control of their car.

Decrease Fogging in Your Car Via Your Air Con

Colder weather means there is more chance of your car fogging up inside and thus decreasing visibility.

Although it is tempting to keep the heater blasting, during these moments you can ‘de-fog’ your car by turning on the air condition and decreasing the temperature.

Use Your Headlights During Foggy Weather

This might seem a little obvious, but a surprisingly large amount of people don’t turn their headlights on in the daytime even when visibility is low due to fog or mist.

It is important to increase as much visibility as possible to ensure your safety on the road and this is one way you can do that.

In the case of an Accident, Breakdown or Car Problems – You can Count on Southside Towing’s Emergency Towing Service Sydney  

Hopefully you follow these tips as best as you can, but the roads and weather can be unpredictable. Can a car towing company help me in case of an accident? In the case of having a breakdown, car accident or car problems, you can sleep soundly knowing that a dependable 24-hour Towing Service Sydney is available to you thanks to Southside Towing.

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